Being accountable is more than just being responsible for something… it is ultimately being answerable for your actions. To hold yourself accountable, you must find the motivation to do difficult things, planning and forethought.

As women, we typically put everyone else first so if there is a goal we are working on that does not have a deadline set by someone else, we allow it to be delayed. Is this YOU?

This is where I come in!

I am YOUR Accountability Coach, Coach Dawn!

I have learned from personal experience that if I am working towards a goal that is not for someone else, I must have accountability with someone else. Does that mean I am lazy or not responsible? No, I just allow other things to get in the way of my goals. Can you relate to this? I have asked friends to hold me accountable, had accountability partners when in groups, etc but I have found, that they are just “too sweet” or “too forgiving” or they get busy so I am not truly being held accountable. In order for me to reach my goals faster, I have a coach checking in with me for accountability.

Over the last 6+ years I have worked in the coaching space however, the last 2 years I have specialized in Accountability and Productivity. I even went so far to become certified as a Consistency Coach! I am known to lovingly hold your feet to the fire while supporting, encouraging and praying for you. I can’t DO the work for you but I can ask those questions that keep you focused on your goals. My Accountability Girls step by step are making their dreams and goals a reality!

Did you know that…

92 percent of people who set New Years goals never actually achieve them.

Which means, only 8% of people actually achieve their goals. 


“A whopping 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals never actually achieve them”.YIKES

Can you relate? Are you on the same merry-go-round of setting goals in January but then come December, you feel guilty because not only have you failed to reach your goals, but you don’t even remember WHAT your goals were? 

If so, I want to help YOU make 2022 different! I want to help you be a part of the 8% “club” of people who actually achieve their goals! How? By helping you not do it alone! Successful people build a support system around them and I want be that support system for YOU! I can help you move towards your goals by creating actions that will lead you to the results and success you want in your life! 

If you’re ready to stop the merry-go round and make this year different, sign-up for weekly accountability with me!

With this added bonus of the goal setting worksheet, you will KNOW 100% that you are working towards the results you want and not just stabbing in the dark! 

I look forward to partnering with you as we work together to see you achieve your goals this year! AND come December, instead of feeling guilt, we will celebrate because not only will you have reached your goals, but you will be a different person! Let’s do this!



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