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Stop settling for overwhelm, stress and being just plain tired!

Learn how to reduce stress, increase energy and take back control so you can live a calmer, fulfilling life!

Does this sound like you?

Have you ever had that feeling where your eyes are dry, your heart is racing, your brain is foggy AND it is difficult to focus?

Your brain won't turn off at the end of the day?

Imagine not knowing what it feels like to to be relaxed, calm, and peaceful even when the stressors of everyday life shows up.

You feel frustrated because you feel like you have been busy ALL day but you don't have even 1 thing done to show for it!


{The Pilot Program} Overcoming Overwhelm...

while lowering stress!

This course can help you learn more about the effects of stress and overwhelm on your body and mind while teaching mindful changes to relieve yourself from the physical effect AND simple changes to make YOU feel in control, confident and productive again!

You are worried that you are going off the deep end.

You are feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or even burnt out..

You're wishing that you could get yourself back and be able to do everything.

You know that the high levels of YUCKINESS you're currently experiencing are putting your health and wellness at risk..

You want something simple and effective for your busy lifestyle.

YOU are ready for some guidance, support and accountability to get out of overwhelm!

When you sign up for the Overcoming Overwhelm Course, you will get access to everything you need to have to have a deep and meaningful experience that will help you reduce stress and overwhelm and feel at peace.

Video Lessons

Minimum of 8 in-depth modules with video lessons that get to the core of the root of your overwhelm, how it's affecting your body, and all the tools and resources you need to reduce stress and overwhelm naturally and improve your overall health and productivity dramatically.

Action Guides

to guide you though each step and module of the program with introspective activities to help you dig deeper and reduce stress and overwhelm.

Group Coaching

8 Weeks of coaching to structure and guide you to progress through each module with clarity and personalized support.


An ENTIRE toolbox for you to have "in your back pocket" for when they are needed! Great tools to gain consistency, start new goals, or just to take care of YOU!

Private Facebook Group

to provide community, structure and help you progress through each module with confidence, clarity, real-time coaching, action, camaraderie and support when you need it.


Texting accountability with Dawn for 10 weeks... the full 8 weeks of the program PLUS 2 extra weeks to solidify your new skills and the plans you put into place while in this program.

Module 1: Start YOUR Day with Intention
Module 2: Understanding the effects of overwhelm and stress on your body and mind
Module 3: Daily Changes and new skills to relieve overwhelm
Module 4: Overwhelm and stress relief through mindful changes
Module 5: Journaling and Self Care
Module 6: Natural remedies for stress/overwhelm
Module 7: End perfectionism NOW!
Module 8: Goal setting & the Consistency Toolbox


The Pilot Program group will begin May 1, 2022

If need support or have questions prior to the start, please email

This is 100% virtual, you will not receive anything in the mail.