Bible-based Productivity Affirmation Cards!

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If you think affirmations are woo-woo, let me share with you my thoughts:

  • Affirmations need to be based on truths.
  • Affirmations have to be realistic.
  • Affirmations are reminders/motivators.

The Bible-Based Productivity Affirmation Cards are:

  • Bible-based Affirmations! I actually wrote out the scripture that each and every affirmation is based off of.
  • Realistic! God tells us so in the Bible.
  • Short, sweet and to the point! Have them at your desk, in your bag, purse or wherever they are easily accessible! You will have the PDF of them so you can print off as many sets as you want!

Get your FREE Bible-based Productivity Affirmation Cards TODAY!

Let me share a little about me,

I am Dawn...

and SO much more BUT... no matter which hat I am wearing, I am ALWAYS a daughter of the King of the Universe as God has claimed me as His!​

“I was blown away by the sheer amount of these scripture affirmation cards - I love that there is a verse every week that I can meditate on. Every card is encouraging and puts you in the mindset of being able to do all things through Christ. While it is so easy to get sucked into new age ideas in today’s society, with everyone being into manifesting and such - it is so refreshing to remember that we are grounded by the word of God instead and that our thoughts only have true power when we speak affirmation with God’s word. These cards are powerful and would be awesome to print and laminate and change out in your workspace every single week.“​
Monique Sinclair​
"I signed up to receive the affirmation cards & am I ever so glad I did. 😃 First, they’re so lovely and fit perfectly in my workspace. I love that they’re printable and can be laminated because I did just that:) They can be conveniently placed anywhere you go for a quick refocus on the inspiring word of God! Your car, Bible, fridge, desk, or tucked in your jacket. The beautiful colors just brighten my day and I can’t recommend these enough!! It’s so evident a lot of love & thought went into creating them and I think you should stop what you’re doing and get them now. ❤️ "
Jackie Keown (Jacqueline), RN
Health & Life Coach

Get your FREE Bible-based Productivity Affirmation Cards TODAY!



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