I am SO happy you are here!

I am Coach Dawn!

I have learned from personal experience that if I am working towards a goal that is not for someone else, I must have accountability with someone else. Does that mean I am lazy or not responsible? No, I just allow other things to get in the way of my goals. Can you relate to this? I have asked friends to hold me accountable, had accountability partners when in groups, etc but I have found, that they are just “too sweet” or “too forgiving” or they get busy so I am not truly being held accountable. In order for me to reach my goals faster, I have a coach checking in with me for accountability.


Over the last 6+ years I have worked in the coaching space however, the last 2 years I have specialized in Accountability and Productivity. I even went so far to become certified as a Consistency Coach! I am known to lovingly hold your feet to the fire while supporting, encouraging and praying for you. I can’t DO the work for you but I can ask those questions that keep you focused on your goals. My Accountability Girls step by step are making their dreams and goals a reality!